In Deputy, addresses are stored as objects which are then linked to other records. So to add an address to an employee, for example, you first create the address record and then assign the address record id on creation.

Data ElementData TypeWhat is it
IdIntegerId record number of the address object
ContactNameStringContact name for the address object
UnitNoStringUnit number of the address
StreetNoStringStreet number of the address
SuiteNoStringSuite number of the address
PoBoxStringPo Box number of the address if applicable
Street1StringThe first street location in the address.
Street2StringThe second street location in the address.
CityStringThe city in the address
StateStringThe state in the address where applicable
PostcodeStringThe postcode/zip code of the address
CountryIntegerThe country of the address as an integer. Use the Country resource to find out the id numbers
PhoneStringThe phone number for the address
SavedBoolean True/FalseWhether the record is saved or not
CreatorIntegerThe id record number of the employee in Deputy who added the address
CreatedDateTimeWhen the address was created in the Deputy install
ModifiedDateTimeWhen the address was last modified in the Deputy install
NotesStringAny notes to be attached to the address object