Updating an employees leave balance


Please note if you are integrated with Deputy UK instances that this does not apply to your application.


Updating an employees leave balance is a destructive change. It is not an accumulated change and amounts overwritten will not be retained. This endpoint should only be used if your application is the source of truth for leave.

If you need to update an employees leave balance in Deputy use the following guide.

URL and Payload

curl --location --request POST 'https://{install}.{geo}.deputy.com/api/v1/resource/LeaveAccrual




    "Id": 593,
    "Employee": 6629,
    "EmployeeHistory": 161290,
    "TransactionDate": "2024-04-03T14:15:08+11:00",
    "Type": 1,
    "LeaveRule": 11,
    "Hours": 400,
    "Days": 0,
    "Comment": null,
    "FkId": null,
    "BalanceCalculatedAt": null,
    "Creator": 1,
    "Created": null,
    "Modified": "2024-04-03T14:15:09+11:00",
    "_DPMetaData": {
        "System": "LeaveAccrual",
        "CreatorInfo": {
            "Id": 1,
            "DisplayName": "Simon Hutchinson",
            "EmployeeProfile": 1,
            "Employee": 1,
            "Photo": "https://photo2.deputy.com/deputec_b220505063318_11516/-135x135_3ad576ba56df64c09cefdef831a3dc43.jpg?Expires=1712176847&Signature=VsYXT7xmiPqPY5gjIMxnuVsVbTCeHFuvbpZiGDupbI38XNRsSsmqf6JInUmOXWlmhkXwNh662X1Q9ecnG3YIBFut67YKZG0nY242n53JlG4oNi9KzUsOs-9Q3F4VNvfz070Xj205MXV90aUcL9VJfMbSQPT3IPQGiD4r-B86mN4_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAINP5UVPK4IGBHXOQ",
            "Pronouns": 0,
            "CustomPronouns": ""

Data Elements

Data ElementMandatoryInfo
EmployeeYesThis is the employee id from the Deputy install. It is not the payroll id
LeaveRuleYesThe id of the LeaveRule you are updating the leave balance for. You can retrieve the Leave Rules from the Deputy install using the resource API.
TransactionDateYesThe date timestamp of when the balance should be applied. If you use "now" this will set the current timestamp/date.
HoursYesThe new leave balance in hours.