Holds all leave requests for an account


GET/api/v1/resource/LeaveReturn a list of all leave requestsBoth
GET/api/v1/resource/Leave/INFOReturn details of the leave request resourceBoth
GET/api/v1/resource/Leave/{id}Return details of a specific leave requestBoth
POST/api/v1/resource/Leave/{id}Update details of a specific leave requestBoth
POST/api/v1/resource/Leave/QUERYQuery for a specific leave record. Can be used to view associated objects.Both
Data elementData TypeWhat Is It?Mandatory
EmployeeIntegerEmployee id associated with the leave requestYes
EmployeeHistoryIntegeremployeeHistory id associated with this leave requestYes
CompanyIntegerLocation ID associated to the requestYes
LeaveRuleIntegerLeave rule associated to the requestNo
DateStartDatestart date of leave requestNo
DateEndDateend date of leave requestNo
Daysfractional representation of days (scheduled hours/days)No
ApproverTimeIntegerid of employee who approved time for this requestNo
ApproverPayIntegerid of employee who approved pay for this requestNo
CommentStringtext field for additional commentsNo
StatusIntegerstatus of leave request

0 - Awaiting approval
1 - Approved
2 - Declined
3 - Cancelled
4 - Date only approved
5 - Pay approved
ApprovalCommentStringapproval comment text fieldYes
TotalHourstotal no. of hours represented by the leave requestNo
ExternalIDIntegerexternal ID to correspond this leave request to another system (such as a HR System, Payroll System, etc)No
CreatorIntegerinternal ID of employee who created employee contractNo
CreatedDatedate and time when this record was originally createdNo
ModifiedDatedate and when this record was last modifiedNo
IdIntegerThe unique id of this recordNo