The Deputy Kiosk is an application that allows Deputy users to set up a clock in and out kiosk within their business premises. This is typically done in areas where devices such as mobile phones may be banned from use like a food kitchen.

Data ElementData TypeWhat is itMandatory
IdIntegerThe unique id of the recordNo
NameVarCharThe name of the kioskYes
InstallationIdVarCharAn id for the installationYes
CompanyIntegerThe unique id for the location in the users Deputy install where the kiosk is locatedYes
ConnectionModeIntegerHow the Kiosk is connected to Deputy

1 - Cookie
2 - URL
3 - App
SubnetRestrictionBlobAllows you to define a restriction on what subnets the Kiosk can run onNo
AuthenticationModeIntegerDefines the authentication mode for the kiosk

0 - PIN Only
1 - PIN or MSR
2 - MSR
3 - Face Unlock
UseBiometricBoolean True/FalseWhether to use biometrics with the kiosk or not (example: Face ID on Kiosk and Android Time Clock apps)No
LastActivityVarCharThe last activity performed on the kiosk such as the kiosk finished loadingNo
IpAddressVarCharThe IP address of the KioskNo
CreatorIntegerThe id of the user that created the recordNo
CreatedDateTimeThe time the record was first createdNo
ModifiedDateTimeThe time the record was last modifiedNo

Foreign Objects which can be linked with the Resource API

CompanyObject: Company