An overview of Deputy report editing

Deputy Enterprise and Premium (including the trial period) have access to Deputy Reports. Deputy Reports are HTML5 based apps which are executed in the client browser.

Data is fetched via the Deputy API as well as a dedicated reports executable on the client side. You can also have a companion DeXML script for custom reports. This allows you to perform complex operations on the server side which are not suitable for client side processing.

In Deputy Enterprise you are able to see the source code of the existing reports by going to Settings -> Custom Development -> Report writer.

If you have access to this you can easily duplicate these reports (*Edit the report -> Save -> Duplicate) and modify its source.

For more specific information on coding and DeXML visit these links:



Existing Reports

Do not modify the existing reports as every time a new Deputy release is made, your changes will be overwritten. Instead, duplicate and edit the duplicated report with your custom changes.