Sales Data Overview

Deputy offers the ability for business owners to track sales costs against labour costs and to adjust future employee hiring or shift management based on these metrics. Deputy provides both sales forecasts (based on historical data) as well as actual data after the sales have occurred.

As a deputy Developer, you have the ability to add or retrieve sales data. Perhaps you have built a Point of Sale system and would like to send sales data to Deputy every time a sale occurs? That's entirely possible with the Deputy API!

Or perhaps you have built an analytics tool that captures data from many applications a business owner uses and want to gather some data from Deputy for analysis? That's possible too!

No matter how you may want to add or use the sales data in Deputy, chances are you are able to do this via the API. If you find a scenario you are not sure about, reach out to API Support who will be able to help you or take feedback for future API improvements.

The below in-depth guide links will help you when working with the Sales Data API