Shifts/Rosters Overview

Shifts/Rosters are another key facet of the Deputy system. In many ways, without them the Deputy system could not function as it is shifts that then become timesheets and ultimately timesheet exports to payroll systems.

Rosters can be in a number of states when present in the Deputy system. They can be published and filled (ie. the shift is published and an employee is allocated to it), published and open (they are published but an employee is not allocated to it as yet) and private draft (they are viewable to managers but are not officially published to employees as yet).

It is important to consider this when determining your use case as when adding rosters or shifts to Deputy you will need to set a status for each one.

Getting Shifts - Find out how to retrieve rosters and shifts from the Deputy system.
Adding a Shift - Find out how to add a new shift/roster to the Deputy system.
Updating a roster/shift - Find out how to update a shift/roster in the Deputy system.