A roster is a single shift within Deputy. Each schedule in Deputy is made up of multiple rosters/shifts. Shifts can be in a state of open (meaning no one has accepted the shift and an employee is not assigned), locked (a timesheet has been generated so no changes are allowed) and filled (an employee has accepted the shift and it has been published).

Data ElementData TypeWhat is itMandatory
IdIntegerThe unique id for this recordNo
StartTimeIntegerThe start time of the shift in unix timeYes
EndTimeIntegerThe end time of the shift in unix timeYes
MealbreakTimeThe total length of meal breaks in the shiftNo
SlotsArrayCan contain multiple entries for meal breaks if there was paid and unpaid breaks in one shift etcNo
TotalTimeFloatThe total time of the planned shift lengthNo
CostFloatThe cost in dollars of the shiftNo
OperationalUnitIntegerThe area of the shift is planned forNo
EmployeeIntegerThe id of the employee linked to the shiftNo
CommentVarCharAny comments added to the shift detailNo
WarningVarCharDetails reasons why the assigned employee may not be suitable for this shift, for example missing required trainingNo
WarningOverrideCommentVarCharStored when a manager enters a reason as to why a shift warning was overriddenNo
PublishedBoolean True/FalseDetermines whether the shift is in a draft or published stateNo
MatchedByTimesheetIntegerIf a timesheet exists which is linked to the shift it will appear hereNo
CustomFieldDataCustomFieldDataIf any custom field data is present against this record it will appear hereNo
OpenBoolean True/FalseDetermines if a shift is marked open or notNo
ApprovalRequiredBoolean True/FalseDetermines whether a manager has to approve an employee picking up an open shiftNo
ConfirmStatusIntegerDetermines whether a shift has to be confirmed by the employee and also determines if that confirmation has occurred.

0 = Not Required
1 = Required
2 = Confirmed
3 = Declined
ConfirmCommentVarCharIf a comment has been left during the confirmation process it will appear hereNo
ConfirmByIntegerThe id of the employee who confirmed the shiftNo
ConfirmTimeIntegerThe timestamp in unix time when the confirmation occuredNo
SwapStatusIntegerThe swap status of the shift

0 = Not required
4 = Pending approval
5 = Approved
6 = Swap cancelled
7 = Swap declined
SwapManageByIntegerThe id of the employee who approved the swapNo
ConnectStatusIntegerWhether the shift has been locked by being linked to a timesheetNo
CreatorIntegerThe id of the user who created the recordNo
CreatedDateTimeWhen the record was originally createdNo
ModifiedDateTimeWhen the record was last modifiedNo

Foreign Objects which can be linked with the Resource API

OperationalUnitObject - OperationalUnit
EmployeeObject - Employee
MatchedByTimesheetObject - Timesheet
ConfirmByObject - Employee
CustomFieldDataObject - CustomFieldData