Company Periods are time segments that can occur in locations such as pay periods. This is very important for the Enterprise product.

Data ElementData TypeWhat is itMandatory
IdIntegerThe id of the recordNo
DateStartDateTimeThe start date of the periodNo
StartIntegerThe start time on the day of the start of the periodYes
EndIntegerThe end time of the day of the end of the periodYes
DateEndDateTimeThe end date of the periodNo
CompanyIntegerThe unique id record of the company. This is the location in Deputy this record is associated withYes
PayPeriodIntegerLink to the pay period object (foreign key)Yes
CreatorIntegerThe id record of the user that created the Company Period recordNo
CreatedDateTimeThe time the record was initially createdNo
ModifiedDateTimeThe time the record was last modifiedNo

Foreign Objects which can be linked with the Resource API