Timesheets Overview

Timesheets are one of the most important parts of the Deputy system. They offer data that products such as payroll and analytics apps use to pay employees or provide business insights.

Timesheets can be present in three states within the Deputy system; draft, approved and approved for payroll. Depending on which state the timesheet is in and your use case will determine how you should work with timesheets. For example, as a payroll app developer, you probably don't want to synchronise draft timesheets until they are finalised.

Retrieving Timesheets from Deputy - Find out all about Timesheets in Deputy, and how to retrieve a timesheet in each approval state.
Creating or Updating a Timesheet - Need to add a timesheet from your app? This guide is for you.
Updating a Timesheet - This guide will take you through the process of updating an existing Timesheet in Deputy.