Authenticating with Deputy Overview

Authentication - Oauth or Permanent Token?

Deputy offers two ways to obtain API tokens when integrating with the Deputy Platform.

  • A permanent token that is linked to the Deputy installation
  • Utilising an authentication flow based on Oauth 2.0

Which option you should use is likely determined by the scope of the integration you are building. If you are building an integration with Deputy for a single client or internal use, a permanent token is an option you can consider.

However, if you are building an integration which is designed to be used by hundreds if not thousands of different Deputy users then Oauth 2.0 should be implemented. The Oauth 2.0 flow follows the industry standard Oauth 2.0 security standard and makes it much easier for users to get connected. Instead of having to configure a token in their installation backend, you can send them to a Deputy login process where they can authorise your application to connect to their install.

What’s Next

Once you have determined which authentication flow is appropriate for your app, follow these links to get more information on how to implement it.