Each individual payable leave, typically to be exported to payroll

Data ElementData TypeWhat is itMandatory
IdIntegerThe unique id of the recordYes
LeaveIdIntegerId of leave request associated to paylineYes
LeaveRuleIntegerid of leave rule associated to this paylineYes
EmployeeAgreementIntegerid of employeement agreement associated to this paylineNo
DateDateDate of leaveYes
StartTimeTimeStart Time of the applicable Leave RuleYes
EndTimeTimeEnd Time of the applicable Leave RuleYes
HoursfloatRepresents the number of hours for this individual Leave Pay LineYes
CommentStringText field for additional contextNo
TimesheetIDIntegerId of timesheet associated to this paylineYes
CostDecimalTotal cost for this individual Leave Pay LineNo
CreatorIntegerThe id of the user who created the recordYes
CreatedDateTimeThe time the record was createdYes
ModifiedDateTimeThe time the record was modifiedYes