Data ElementData TypeWhat is itMandatory
IdIntegerThe unique id of the recordNo
EmployeeIntegerThe unique id of the employee record linked to this recordYes
DayTimeStampIntegerThe date and time in unix time for this appraisal recordYes
DateDateThe date of this appraisal recordYes
Mark01FloatIs this a one star appraisalNo
Mark02FloatIs this a two star appraisalNo
Mark03FloatIs this a three star appraisalNo
Mark04FloatIs this a four star appraisalNo
Mark05FloatIs this a five star appraisalNo
CreatorIntegerThe unique id of the user who created the recordNo
CreatedDateTimeWhen the record was first createdNo
ModifiedDateTimeWhen the record was last updatedNo

Foreign Objects which can be linked with the Resource API