Employee is a person that can be rostered/time tracked/managed in Deputy. An employee is associated to a user.


GET/api/v1/resource/EmployeeReturn a list of employeesPremium and Enterprise
GET/api/v1/resource/Employee/{id}Return an individual employee recordPremium and Enterprise
POST/api/v1/resource/Employee/QUERYReturn queried objects; limited to 500 at a timePremium and Enterprise
Data ElementData TypeWhat Is ItMandatory
IdIntegerUnique ID of EmployeeNo
CompanyIntegerPrimary Location of employeeYes
FirstNameVarCharFirst NameYes
LastNameVarCharLast NameYes
DisplayNameVarCharPreferred Name the Employee goes byYes
OtherNameVarCharNot usedNo
SaluationVarCharTitle (Mr, Mrs, etc)No
MainAddressIntegerThe id of the Address record for the Main Address of the employeeNo
PostalAddressIntegerThe id of the Address record for the Postal Address of the employeeNo
ContactIntegerContact Details record idNo
EmergencyAddressIntegerThe id of the Address record for the Emergency Address of the employeeNo
DateOfBirthDateDate employee was bornNo
PronounsIntegerPronouns (eg. He, She, They)No
CustomPronounsVarCharPronouns made by the user as custom
PhotoIntegerThe id record number for the photo of the userNo
UserIntegerUser IDNo
ActiveBoolean True/FalseTrue if employee is not archived, false if archivedYes
StartDateDateHire DateNo
TerminationDateDateDate employee was archivedNo
StressProfileIntegerThe id of the stress profile record linked to the employeeNo
TrainingRecordsIntegerThe id of the Training record assigned to the employeeNo
RoleIntegerAccess Level pertaining to permissionsYes
AllowAppraisalBoolean True/FalseIf true, the 5 star performance appraisal appears on timesheets.No
HistoryIdIntegerID recording last change to employeeNo
CreatorIntegerThe id of the user that created the employeeNo
CreatedDateTimeDate/Time employee was createdNo
ModifiedDateTimeDate/Time employee was last modifiedNo

Foreign Objects which can be linked with the Resource API

CompanyObject - Company
MainAddressObject - Address
PostalAddressObject- Address
EmergencyAddressObject - Address
ContactObject - Contact
StressProfileObject - StressProfile
RoleObject - EmployeeRole

Associated Objects

PayRules - PayRules
ManagementEmployeeOperationalUnit - Operational Unit
RosterEmployeeOperationalUnit - Operational Unit