What is Deputy Embed

A quick TLDR

What is Deputy Embed?

Deputy Embed is a custom version of Deputy that can be embedded into a partner's software.

Embedding Deputy into your app allows you to offer scheduling, compliance, people management and leave to your customers with minimal build time. For more information on embed, or to schedule a call, email [email protected]

On the surface, Deputy Embed is the same software that customers love, with just a few core changes:

  • Accounts can be created, converted and canceled via API.
  • UI components that make little sense for embedded products are removed - such as Deputy level menus and integrations.
  • Accounts can be embedded into the partner via iFrame.
  • Users can sign into Deputy mobile app via their partner login.

The Flow of Deputy Embed

Deputy has two core personas - the manager (who may be a manager, payroll specialist, HR professional or business owner) and the shift worker.

In Embed's flow, the Deputy Admin iFrame is embedded into the partner's web app (to allow administrators to schedule, edit pay details, and manage their employees). The shift workers that are employed by these businesses use our Deputy mobile app to log in, clock into shifts, claim open shifts and view notifications. Shift workers log into the Deputy mobile app via SSO, using the login credentials they have with the partner software.



Reach out to [email protected] and we will be in touch to discuss embedding Deputy in your app.

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