Retrieving an Employee's HR/Payroll data [New!]


Additional Security Required

To use the HR Onboarding API you must be an approved software vendor. There are additional security requirements that must be met by your company before you can gain access to this API. For more information visit

There must be a valid use case for your software to be able to gain access to this API and filling out an application does not necessarily mean acceptance.

The Deputy HR Onboarding API allows you to access additional secured employee information for integration with your software. Items such as tax details, bank account numbers and other information that can make payroll onboarding easier is available in this API.

Additional Authentication

Along with the regular bearer tokens used for the Deputy API, an additional security header is required to be included in all payloads to the endpoint. This token is included in the following header:

X-DP-HR-ONB-TOKEN - This token is a locally generated JWT (JSON Web Token). Deputy will provide you with a private key enabling you to generate the tokens, once your access to the API is approved.

Retrieving HR Onboarding Data

Once you have all the security requirements met, to connect to the HR Onboarding API use the following URL.

curl --GET 'https://{install}.{geo}{employeeid}/onboarding/export'

This will retrieve the employees onboarding information. However there are a few scenarios to note:

  • If the employee was not onboarded using the Deputy HR onboarding system you will receive a 400 response
  • Only employees which have a SUBMITTED or APPROVED status will be returned in the HR Onboarding API. In draft state employees are still able to make changes and so it does not make sense to sync the data at that point.

Sample Response

    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "superfundAU": {
            "fund": {
                "ABN": "70732426024",
                "USI": "70732426024100",
                "productName": "MLC MasterKey Business Super (including MLC MasterKey Personal Super)"
            "declareTrueAndCorrect": true,
            "option": "Yes",
            "type": "employeeNominated",
            "selfManaged": "",
            "taxFileNumber": {
                "number": "123456782"
            "fundMember": "1458745",
            "name": "sdsgfdsgfsdgf"
        "personalDetails": {
            "emergencyContactMobile": {
                "number": "420463805",
                "countryCode": "+61"
            "emergencyContactRelationship": "Brother",
            "preferredName": "",
            "address": {
                "sublocality": "City of Sydney",
                "addressLines": [
                    "1 Smail Street"
                "organization": "",
                "recipients": null,
                "locality": "Ultimo",
                "administrativeArea": "NSW",
                "regionCode": "AU",
                "revision": 0,
                "sortingCode": "",
                "postalCode": "2007",
                "languageCode": "EN_AU"
            "email": "[email protected]",
            "gender": "PREFER_NOT_TO_SAY",
            "emergencyContactName": "sdfdsfsdf",
            "dob": "2023-01-02"
        "taxDetailsAU": {
            "taxDetails": {
                "helpLoan": "no",
                "sfssLoan": "no",
                "declareTrueAndCorrect": true,
                "payBasis": "full-time",
                "taxFreeThreshold": "no",
                "residentStatus": "resident"
            "number": "123456782",
            "personalDetails": {
                "title": "Mr",
                "fullName": "sdfsfsf"
            "option": "Yes",
            "reason": ""
        "bankDetailsAU": {
            "accountName": "dsfsdfsdf",
            "bsbNumber": "062217",
            "accountNumber": "234245234"

Data Elements

ElementData TypeInfo
successBoolean true/falseDefines whether the API request was successful or not. Will be either true or false.
dataObjectContains the object response for the employee onboarding data
superfundAUObjectContains information relevant to superannuation in Australia
superfundAU - fundObjectContains specific information about the super fund the employee has chosen during onboarding
superfundAU - fund - ABNStringContains the ABN (Australian Business Number) of the super fund chosen by the employee
superfundAU - fund - USIStringContains the USI (Related to superstream) of the super fund chosen by the employee during onboarding
superfundAU - find productNameStringContains a plain text name of the Super fund chosen by the employee during onboarding
declareTrueAndCorrectBoolean true/falseWhether the employee has declared all the information they have provided is true and correct. Will be either true or false.
typeStringThe type of super fund enrollment. Whether the employer enrolled the employee into the superfund (as it might be their first job for example) or whether the employee nominated an existing superfund account during onboarding.
selfManagedUnusedReserved for future development
taxFileNumberObjectContains information about the tax details provided for the employee related to the super fund.
taxFileNumber - numberStringThe tax file number provided
fundMemberStringThe superannuation member number provided by the employee when onboarding
personalDetailsObjectContains information such as emergency contact for the employee
personalDetails - emergencyContactMobileObjectContains mobile phone information related to the emergency contact for the employee
personalDetails - emergency ContactMobile - numberStringThe mobile number (without country code) for the emergency contact
personalDetails - emergencyContactMobile - countryCodeStringThe country code for the mobile eg +61 for Australia
emergencyContactRelationshipStringHow the emergency contact is related to the employee
preferredNameStringPreferred name of the employee
addressObjectContains information about the employees address
address - subLocalityStringThe local government area of the employee
address - addressLinesArrayContains the lines for the street address of the employee
address - organizationString
address - recipients
address - localityStringThe suburb of the employees address
address - administrativeAreaStringThe state of the employees address
address - regionCodeStringThe region code for the employees address for example AU - Australia, UK - United Kingdom etc.
address - revision
address - sortingCodeString
address - postalCodeStringThe post code for the employees address
address - languageCodeString
emailStringThe email address for the employee
genderStringWhich gender the employee has identified as during the onboarding process. Employee can also choose prefer not to say.
emergencyContactNameStringThe name of the emergency contact
dobStringThe date of birth of the employee in YYYY-MM-DD format.
taxDetailsAUObjectIf the employee is an Australian employee this object will be included. It is related to the tax file declaration the employee has made
taxDetailsAU - helpLoanStringWhether the employee has indicated they have a HELP loan student debt or not. Can be yes or no.
taxDetailsAU - sfssLoanStringWhether the employee has indicated they have a SFSS loan debt or not. Can be yes or no.
declareTrueAndCorrectBoolean true/falseWhether the employee has declared the tax file declaration information as true and correct. Can be true or false.
payBasisStringThe pay basis of the employee. Can be full-time, part-time, casual.
taxDetailsAU - taxFreeThresholdStringWhether the employee is claiming the tax free threshold on this job. Can be yes or no.
taxDetailsAU - residentStatusStringThe residency status of the employee at the time of onboarding.
numberStringThe phone number for the employee
personalDetailsObjectContains information about the employee including name
personalDetails - titleStringThe title of the employee for example mr, ms etc.
personalDetails - fullNameStringThe full name of the employee
bankDetailsAUObjectContains information about the employees bank account.
bankDetailsAU - accountNameStringThe name of the bank account
bankDetailsAU - bsbNumberStringThe BSB number of the bank account
bankDetailsAU - accountNumberStringThe account number of the bank account