Shift Plans


Deputy Shift Plans

Shift Plans is a feature suite that is in ongoing development and is not enabled for Deputy installations by default at the moment. You should visit this page frequently to find the most recent up to date information surrounding the Shift Plans features in Deputy. Currently access is via invite only. If you are interested in previewing this feature please fill in this form and we will contact you.

What is Deputy Shift Plans?

A single employee is normally assigned to multiple shifts across different areas in a single day (aka. micro-scheduling).

It is never short of challenges for both managers and employees to have a clear daily game plan in such micro scheduling, and the Deputy Shift Plans feature suite will ensure smooth communications between managers and employees about their expected work during worked shifts. This will help businesses run efficiently, productively and without confusion.

While we continue to work on the Shift Plans features, you can start to leverage and investigate how this works by using our v2 Shifts API to implement Shift Plans Schedules.