A contract of employment (also known as Employment Term, Pay Rate, or Award in the Deputy UI) contains all possible pay and leave rules that are applicable to employees. This is a reference table.

An EmploymentContract is a part of EmployeeAgreement (which is the association of an Employee with an EmploymentContract)

Data ElementData TypeWhat Is It?Mandatory?
IdIntegerThe unique id of the recordNo
CodeStringInternal use onlyNo
NameStringName of the employment contractYes
DescriptionStringDescription of the employment contract (pay rate). Sometimes used for system stringsNo
EmploymentBasisIntegerIndividual or Labour Hire

1 - Individual
2 - Labour Hire
EmploymentCategoryIntegerPermanent or Temporary

1 - Permanent
2 - Temporary
EmploymentStatusIntegerFull Time, Part Time, or Casual

1 - Full Time
2 - Part Time
3 - Casual
EmploymentConditionEmploymentConditionObjectStandard Hours associated with the Pay RateNo
BasePayRuleBasePayRuleObjectBase Pay Condition associated with the pay rule - used for multipliersYes
StressProfileIntegerNot usedNo
StartDateDatetimeNot usedNo
EndDateDatetimeNot usedNo
PeriodTypeIntegerThe cycle selected will determine the Pay Period this Employment Term can be associated with.

1 - Weekly
2 - Fortnight
3 - Monthly
4 - Every 3 weeks
5 - Every 4 weeks
6 - BiMonthly
FileStringNot usedNo
StrictLeaveApprovalBoolean True/FalseIf true, only leave conditions of the employee's Pay Rate will be displayed when approving a leave.No
AwardStringCode used to identify the award - system use only, used when using library ratesNo
EmploymentSubTypeStringThis allows an award to be classified further beyond an award/ type. For example shiftworkers or non shiftworkersNo
AwardStartDateDatetimeDate award is expected to start being effectiveNo
CreatorIntegerThe id of the user who created the EmploymentContractNo
CreatedDatetimeDate createdNo
ModifiedDatetimeDate modifiedNo