Employees Overview

Employees make up a key part of every Deputy install. They are the centre piece linked to many different parts of Deputy such as Timesheets, Shifts, Sales Data and other items. As a developer you may want to add or update employees information, know when employees are changed or just pull out employee information for your own application. All of this is possible with the Deputy API.

Below is a list of guides that will help you interact with the employee API no matter your use case

Getting employees - This guide will take you through the best way to retrieve employees from the Deputy system.

Employee API V2 - We've launched a brand new employee API that simplifies retrieving and saving data to Deputy. This is the recommended API to use going forward as the old API will be deprecated (with significant notice) in the future.
Adding an Employee - This guide will take you through the information required to add an employee to Deputy including the mandatory data requirements.
Updating an Employee - Already added an employee and need to update their information? This guide will take you through that process step by step.
Assigning a Shift to an Employee - Got your employee data into the system and need to assign a shift? This guide is for you.
New Employee Webhook Example - Find out how to easily know when employees are added or updated in the system via the Deputy Webhook system.