Data ElementData TypeWhat is itMandatory
IdIntegerThe unique identifier of the recordNo
TopicStringThe Deputy action which will trigger the webhookYes
AddressStringThe url destination for the webhook requestYes
HeadersStringHeaders to include in the webhook requestNo
FiltersStringServer side rules of the Webhook. For example, if you only want to be informed about Timesheets that are for an employee with the id of 1, you can add EmployeeId: 1 to the filters box. There is no limit to how many filters you can set.No
TypeStringThe method of delivery for the webhook.
EnabledBitWhether the webhook is currently activeYes
CreatorIntegerThe identifier of the user who created the recordNo
CreatedDateTimeWhen the record was originally createdNo
ModifiedDateTimeWhen the record was last modified in the Deputy installNo