Pay rules within Deputy define rules around how an employee is paid when those items are applied to their profile. For example hourly pay or salary and whether this is a base pay amount or loading.

Data ElementData TypeWhat is itMandatory
IdIntegerThe id of the recordNo
RemunerationTypeIntegerThe type of remuneration. Hourly or unit-based pay.

1 = Hourly
2 = Salary
3 = Unit
RemunerationByIntegerHow this remuneration record operates. Base pay, shift loading or period loading.

1 = Base Pay
2 = Shift Loading
3 = Period Loading
AnnualSalaryFloatStores the annual salary of if this is a salary based pay ruleNo
HourlyRateFloatStores the hourly rate if this is not a multiplier conditionNo
IsMultiplierBoolean True/FalseDetermines whether this is a multiplier based rate or notNo
MultiplierValueFloatThe amount of multiplier applied if it is a multiplier rateNo
MultiplierBaseRateIntegerWhich base rate record id that has this multiplier applied to itNo
MinimumTypeIntegerDetermines whether the minimum loading is dollars or hoursNo
MaximumTypeIntegerDetermines whether the maximum loading is dollars or hoursNo
MinimumValueFloatThe minimum value of the loadingNo
MaximumValueFloatThe maximum value of the loadingNo
MinimumShiftLengthFloatThe minimum shift length before this loading is appliedNo
MaximumShiftLengthFloatThe maximum shift length after which this loading is no longer appliedNo
PayTitleStringThe name of the Pay ConditionYes
IsExportedBoolean True/FalseIndicates whether this rule will be exported when timesheets are exported to payroll systemsYes
UnitValueFloatSets the value for the remuneration if the type is unit typeNo
ScheduleIntegerDefines which occurrence rule triggers the conditions of this pay rule

3 = Public Holiday - All day
200 = Sun - All day
202 = Sat - All day
204 = Daily - All day
206 = Weekdays - All day
RecommendWithIntegerDefines which part of the Deputy system triggers the the rule

1 = Time based
2 = DEXML (Custom script)
DexmlScriptIntegerThe record id of the DeXML script that controls the pay ruleNo
DexmlScriptParamVarCharParameters to run with the DeXML ScriptNo
PeriodTypeIntegerThe pay period typeNo
PayPortionRuleIntegerThis determines whether this pay rule should override other rules that may have been applied in the shift.

1 = Greater portion of shift
2 = Pay exact portion
3 = Full shift
PayrollCategoryVarCharPayroll Export CodeNo
RateTypeInteger1 = Ordinary
2 = Overtime
3 = Penalty
4 = Non-payable time
CommentBlobAny comment in the pay rule recordNo
CreatorIntegerThe id of the user that created the recordNo
CreatedDateTimeThe time the record was originally createdNo
ModifiedDateTimeThe time the record was last modifiedno

Foreign Objects which can be linked with the Resource API

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