Data ElementData TypeWhat is itMandatory
IdIntegerThe unique id of the recordNo
AgreementIdIntegerThe unique id of the linked employee agreement recordNo
PayPointIntegerThe unique id of the linked pay point recordYes
EmpTypeIntegerThe type of employee which is linked to this record (eg full time, casual)Yes
CompanyNameVarCharThe location name linked to this recordNo
ActiveBoolean True/FalseWhether the record is currently activeYes
StartDateDateTimeThe start date of the recordYes
ContractIntegerThe unique id of the contract linked to this recordNo
SalaryPayRuleIntegerThe unique id of the salary pay rule record linked to this recordNo
PayrollIdVarCharThe payroll id of the employee linked to this recordNo
PayPeriodIntegerThe pay period linked to this record (monthly, weekly etc)Yes
CreatorIntegerThe unique id record of the user who created the recordNo
CreatedDateTimeWhen the record was first createdNo
ModifiedDateTimeWhen the record was last modfiedNo