This resource gives any information about custom fields stored within the Deputy install as well as allows developers to add and update custom field information related to their own application.


GET/api/v1/resource/CustomFieldReturn a list of all custom fields in the Deputy installEnterprise and Premium
GET/api/v1/resource/CustomField/INFOReturn details of the CustomField resourceEnterprise and Premium
GET/api/v1/resource/CustomField/{id}Return details of a specific custom field by its idEnterprise and Premium
POST/api/v1/resource/CustomField/{id}Update an existing custom fieldEnterprise and Premium
POST/api/v1/resource/CustomField/QUERYAllows you to run a search query on Custom Fields in the Deputy installEnterprise and Premium
Data ElementData TypeWhat is itMandatory
IdIntegerThe unique id record for this custom fieldNo
SystemStringWhat Deputy resource is associated with this custom field

Timesheet = Timesheet
Employee = Employee
NameStringThe name of the custom fieldYes
ApiNameStringUsed to define which API connection is using that field. Limited to 64 charactersYes
DeputyFieldStringF01 to F128 - Reserved by Deputy system and automatically assignedNo
SortOrderStringAllows you to define how Custom fields are sortedNo
TypeIntegerDefine what type the custom field is

1 = Text
2 = Number
3 = Large Text
4 = Boolean/Checkbox
5 = List
6 = Multi List
7 = File
8 = Boolean/Checkbox - Yes with comment required
9 = Boolean/Checkbox - No with comment required
ValuelistArray/StringRequired when using List/Multi List as the type. Options are an array of stringsNo
HelptextStringHelp text that can be associated with the custom fieldNo
PublishedBooleanWhether the custom field is published or not

0 = Inactive
1 = Active
ActionIntegerAllows you to define shift behaviour based on a custom field setting.

1 = Prevent clock in
2 = Notify Manager
3 = Prevent clock in and notify manager
ConditionalRulesBooleanRequired when boolean is defined as the type of custom field

Yes = Yes
No = No
DisplayTimingIntegerWhen the custom field should display

1 = Clock out and update
2 = Clock in
3 = Clock In/Out and update
TriggerScriptIntegerThe record number of a DeXML script to triggerNo
ValidationStringWhat parts of the field need to be validated

nempty = required field
unq = unique

If you would like to set both these requirements on a field use /n to split the two in the string
CreatorIntegerThe unique id of the user who created the custom fieldNo
CreatedDateTimeWhen the custom field was createdNo
ModifiedDateTimeWhen the custom field was last modifiedNo

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