Updating a location

Updating location information is easily achieved with the Deputy API, follow the below guide for details.


curl --location --request POST 'https://{install}.{geo}.deputy.com/api/v1/supervise/company/{id}

The payload remains the same as adding a location, with the API being destructive in that all the data included in the payload will replace what is already associated to that location.

Sample Payload

  "Code": "1234",
  "Active": true,
  "ParentCompany": 1,
  "CompanyName": "The Company Co",
  "TradingName": "Company Pty Ltd",
  "IsWorkplace": 1,
  "IsPayrollEntity": 1,
  "PayrollExportCode": "PAY123",
  "Address": "123 Jones St, Sydney, NSW, 2001",

Data ElementInfo
CodeThe export code (not payroll export code) for the location
ActiveBoolean true/false as to whether the location is active
ParentCompanyAn integer of the record of the parent location (Enterprise only)
CompanyNameThe name of the company as a string
TradingNameThe name the company is trading as, as a string
IsWorkplaceWhether this location should be considered a workplace. Either this or isPayrollEntity must be 1.
isPayrollEntityWhether this location is a pay centre. Either this or isWorkplace must be 1.
PayrollExportCodeThe code as a string which is set for the payroll export code for the location
AddressThe address of the location as a string.